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Trip to Batu, East Java

So we arrived at the airport of Malang city (MLG). Previously a military airport, Abdul Rachman Saleh is now a busy airport despite its very small size without any shop nor restaurant. You really just walk from the airplane into the building, wait for your baggage to arrive on the very short, non-circular conveyor belt and leave.

We were picked up by some one from the place we were going to stay at, and go straight to Batu town.

The accommodation is called De Daunan, meaning 'leaves' in Indonesian language. It has ten cottages scattered among trees and many plants. It's very green and the design ethnic. We loved the place, the kids did too. They walked around between the green plants, played swing, and played at the common room where there are traditional games and musical instruments such as 'dakon'( a.k.a. congklak), and also board game such as othello/reversi. There is also a dart game, table tennis, books you can read on the couch or rocking chair or the day bed.




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Getting ready to pack


We finally got the tickets and accommodation for the high season: school vacation. Going to Malang, East Java. It is located on a plateau, surrounded by mountains.

We decided to stay in Batu so it's not too far from Jatim Park 2 and Jatim Park 1. Batu is well known as a favorite holiday spot near Malang. The air is cool, and moreover now there are recreation spots such as Jatim Parks and Batu Night Spectacular, a lighting show. I haven't been in Malang for many years. So I'm looking forward to this. Here's a 360-degree view of Jatim Park 2 entrance.

Now, pack!

Kids toiletries
Kids vitamins
My vitamins
My basic makeup
My accessories? Um...


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Travels Unblogged

A few of my travels after I entered mom-hood went unblogged. Havent written here for 4 years.

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Staying at a hotel on Malioboro street. Ate Gudeg, Jogja's typical food. These are pictures of the atmosphere along Malioboro street.

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Solo: Batik hunt!

Solo is one place in Central Java where we can find various beautiful batik. Batik is traditional Javanese printed/hand painted cloths. The cloths are painted with hot wax then soaked in coloring solution, then the wax is melted and washed away. There are many kinds of batik prints, including types of prada (golden color painted) prints. These are two samples of prada types called Sido Mukti.

More photos will be uploaded when i'm back.

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