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Central Java: Blora

First thing we did when we arrived in Blora last night was eating Bloranese satay! Yum! Not all places serve tasty satay. This one's our favorite. For you who didn't know it yet, satay is small pieces of meat (chicken, beef, or lamb) in wooden stick, grilled on charcoal. In Blora we eat while the satay man keeps grilling satays and putting them in the plate when they're done. And we keep picking them and put them into our plates and eat them until we decide to stop eating. We eat them with rice put on Jati leaves (you can also choose to eat them on plate).

We spent a night here and we'll leave for Solo then Jogja.

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Central Java: Semarang

After the long, long ride yesterday, with traffic jam in Kandanghaur village in the area of Indramayu, stop by for very late lunch in the town of Cirebon, continuing through the bad road, we arrived in Semarang late in the evening. Now we're taking a little trip around before going to our next destination, Blora.

We went to buy lunpia, a typical Semarang Now we're at Sam Po Kong, a chinese temple built by Cheng Ho's men. Some say it was originally a small mosque, as Cheng Ho's man was a Muslim. But after he died, local chinese people worship him and made the building a temple. More photos and probably about the history will follow later when i'm back home (hopefully will have the chance to finish this entry).

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I need to pack! In 2 days we're going to Central Java by car. First destination: Semarang, but will stop by in Cirebon (West Java) to have the tasty fried chicken! Then from Semarang to Blora, my dad's hometown to visit granddad's house (now our relative is taking care of the house), eat the Tahu Lontong and Sate Blora :) yum! Then to Solo (not staying) then Jogja (Yogyakarta).

We'll see!

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Uluwatu, I'm back!

My favourite spot in Bali. So beautiful and enchanting.

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Fear Factor

How disgusting is this? Madagascan Kissing Cockroaches. A rare sight if not for the zoo that's keeping them in this place. Although I've seen them before, it's still an unusual sight.

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