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3rd Day in Japan

15 °C

In the morning Hide showed us around Tobiyama park which is near his home where we are staying. It used to be the location of a small fortress and hiding place of some samurai. It is located on the hill, with a wide view down to Kinugawa (Kinu River) and Utsunomiya city, with Mt. Nantai in the background.


In the afternoon we went to Inogashira park. I was there 3 years ago. The park has a lake, a fishing pond, a rose garden, etc. scattered in the woods. The air was cool and fresh. We wanted to hire bicycles but the rental place was closed. So we just walked around in the park, enjoying the view of colourful autumn leaves and the air.


In the evening, Rani and Hide took us to an okonomiyaki restaurant called "Doutonburi". It was cold and windy outside - I was glad when we entered the restaurant. I had eaten okonomiyaki before. Hide had cooked for us when he was in Jakarta years ago. But this was the first time for Didi. He enjoyed it very much :) I was full. おなかいっぱい!


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First Day in Japan

15 °C

Sahur di pesawat, kira2 di atas Filipina (kata pak stewardnya), subuh di pesawat. Abis makan tidur bentar. Gak bisa tidur bener2. Pas matahari terbit, liat jendela...oh so beautiful!!! Sunrise on the clouds!!!

Sampe Narita jam 9 pagi. Naik bis Maronie jam 11.10, sampe Yanagita jam 2 pm, dijemput Rani & Hide.



Cape bangets... Sampe rumah ktemu Okasan, trus mandi, &lsg tidurrr.... zzzz... (kira2 jam 4pm). Jam 5 udah dibangunin Didi, buka puasa! Di bawah udah rame, temen2 RH yg mo bukpua n tarawih bareng udh pada dateng.


Temen2 baru nih: Tuti & anak2nya Salma dan Safa, Ika & suaminya Arief, Didi (cewe lho) dan suaminya Kentaro dan anaknya Haru, Elia & suaminya Nono & anak2nya kembar Iqbal dan Haikal, mbak Ratna & anak2 kembarnya Hiroki & Teruki dan adiknya cewek Kana. Dan ada kenshuusei namanya Berlin.



Didi suaminya juga org Jepang, Kentaro. Anak mereka umur 1 thn 8 bln, lucuuuu deh, namanya Haru. Lutu bangets... So cute...


Bukapuasa sambil ngobrol2... Trus magriban trus makan malem. Okasan masak "nasi uduk jepang" - itu istilah gw aja sih... Ada yg bawa soto, ikan, dll...

Okasan jadi babysitter, nemenin anak2 kecil main, hihihi... Pas kita tarawihan, anak2 kecil main kembang api di luar, tapi Haru chan masih kecil jadi sama ibu-bapaknya ngga boleh ikut. Dia keliaran pas kita pada tarawih, jadi ibu-bapaknya ksian deh solatnya sambil jagain anaknya (kadang sambil gendong).

Abis itu kita berdoa bersama untuk bayi yang lagi dikandung Rani n Elia. Trus kita turun lagi & makan lagi... ;) Rameee banget deh anak2.

Sebelum bubar, kita foto2 dulu.... Ini foto semuanya (kecuali gw yg motret, hehehe)...


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Leaving for Japan!

I'm leaving for Japan tonight - I'm so excited! Thank God the problem with administrations has been solved yesterday, just one day before my departure! I was so nervous as I've paid for the tickets and leaving very soon. But now I'm so excited I can't really sleep that well. This is 5:12 AM and I'm not asleep, which is very rare. :P

I don't know if I will get the chance to write my blog along the way on my travel there, but I'll try.

BTW, still don't know where to get a step-up adaptor for my battery charger etc.

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Will Plan C Succeed?


Situation changed in a snap. We had to cancel our plan to move to London. Then just when I was preparing things to travel to London and Europe for a vacation (Plan B), suddenly another thing came - so again I had to cancel it. (I just cancelled the tickets :()

So now I moved to Plan C: Japan. Now that my sister is in Jakarta, we are planning the itinerary together. Utsunomiya, Nikko, Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, Yokohama, Nagoya, Kyoto, Nara. The first destination is where my sister lives.

It's still a question if my sister can get a JR railpass, because she lives in Japan. Maybe not?

We were thinking about going to the Expo and see Kiccoro & Morizo, which means I'll go a few days before September 25, the last day of the Expo. But then we think it's OK to miss it and that I'd better come in October and see momiji... *i can't wait*

The cheapest air ticket to Tokyo is either with Garuda or Thai. With Garuda I can get a direct flight. However, with Thai I can use the transit time to stay for a couple of nights and get to see Bangkok as we did last time.

Now I'm trying to overcome the difficulties with those weirdos at work, get big things done, then I'll earn the long vacation. Unfortunately the one who should approve my vacation request is one of those weirdos...

But think about my goal. I've been missing Japan, I want to explore it more. And it's exciting that I'll have to force myself to speak the language again. And I'll see our friend Tomoko again after our last vacation together in Putri Island. And Yuki again after a few years :). And I'll probably see Ken, my メール友 ("mail friend") at last.

Now... face the weirdos! 頑張れ!

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My beloved Nikkormat


I'd love to thank my good old camera (was actually my dad's), the Nikkormat that had been with me during my travels, burdening my shoulder and/or neck but I just couldn't travel without it ;) It's heavy because of its metal body, but it's strong.


This is a picture of a religious ceremony in Kuta beach, Bali, one of the pictures I have taken with my Nikkormat. I had to go through a crowd to get this shot, but the result is not disappointing - in my opinion.

Now my Nikkormat is lying in my room, its lens needs cleansing because of fungus(?). I've had a new pro camera early this year. It's lighter and it's digital.

Now I travel with the new camera.

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